Wedding Etiquette: A Checklist for the Wedding Party

Wedding Etiquette: How to - and what to - do on the wedding day

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Wedding etiquette is still an important item to consider in your wedding planning, whether your wedding is formal or informal. Wedding etiquette - especially these days when it seems like 'anything goes!' at weddings - is a welcome addition to any wedding day!


Wedding etiquette dictates that the maid of honor is not 'just another pretty face' - she's got some work to do. Her duties include:

- hosting a bridal shower
- being available to support the bride in the weeks of planning before the ceremony
- helping the bride on the wedding day:
-- moral support
-- assisting with her train
-- holding her bouquet as required
-- witness and sign the marriage certificate after the ceremony
-- help the bride and groom get away


- hosting a 'stag' party for the groom
- on the wedding day:
-- make sure the groom has the marriage license with him.
-- get the minister's fee from the groom and give it to the minister privately after the ceremony.
-- make sure that transportation away from the wedding is arranged and secure
-- toast the bride and groom at the reception
-- be available to run any necessary errands


Modern wedding etiquette suggests that some tipping may be acceptable - and even required - on your wedding day.

You may have already incorporated a tip into your payment to the photographer, caterer and wedding officiant. However, on your wedding day, it is acceptable (though not expected) to tip any of them again - based on exceptional service, of course. It's particularly appropriate to tip individual servers (for example, from the caterer's staff) that are present.

If you are planning to tip, current wedding etiquette dictates that you should place cash in an envelope and have the best man discreetly slip the envelope to the service provider.

There are other matters of wedding etiquette before, during (and after!) the wedding day, but if the preceding list is followed, half your wedding etiquette details will be taken care of. Enjoy your day!

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