Wedding dresses: Five Styles to Choose From

This year's wedding dresses: get the style that's right for YOU

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Wedding dresses throughout history have been all about making the bride look as amazing as possible. Early royalty and nobility wedding dresses were sometimes so studded with real jewels that the weight of them made it almost impossible for the bride to move!


But of course, not everyone could afford those wedding dresses, so 'common' folk would try to at least imitate the wedding dresses of the wealthier classes. They would use as much material as possible (ribbed, gathered or flounced, it didn't matter!), anything embedded to make that material shimmer and shine, and trimmings of anything from velvet to fox fur.

Although white wedding dresses have been the norm for some time, (symbolizing youth and innocence, of course) during the 1800s they were often blue in color - the symbol for purity, fidelity and eternal love.


Since machine-made fabric became readily available and inexpensive in the late 1800s, white has been the color of choice for wedding dresses. When hemlines came up in the 1920s, wedding dresses remained full-length, and that style is still the most popular today.

FUN FACT: Most brides (30 percent) plan their weddings for 7 to 12 months.

The five most popular wedding dresses today are:

1. Full bodice, long sleeves, full length - this one is the most traditional design, but a bride can make her dress unique through a combination of different fabrics.

2. 'Off the shoulder - these wedding dresses expose one shoulder, but are otherwise still classic designs.

3. Strapless - wedding dresses with no straps at all (or 'spaghetti' straps, which are practically no straps at all!) have become popular in the last decade.

4. Embroidered - usually with a contrasting color. Burgundy, navy blue and even black are some of the contrasting colors being used.

5. Historic - many brides are opting for Victorian or 'antique-look' wedding dresses today, incorporating elements of designs that go back as much as 300 years.

As a bride who has some choices to make, the styles of these modern wedding dresses will mean that, really, almost 'anything goes.' You're sure to find something that's just right for you!

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