Don't Make These Mistakes With YOUR Wedding Dress

Nine wedding dress do's and don'ts

Thursday, July 27, 2017

You'd think buying a wedding dress would be simple, wouldn't you? Not so! There's a lot to learn before you order your wedding dress - so consider this a crash course in 'wedding dress 101.' : )


1. DO order your wedding dress at LEAST six months in advance - and it wouldn't hurt to order as much as a year ahead of time if you are having any custom work done to it. DO the same with your bridesmaids gowns. DO also make sure that you order it from a reputable firm - get references from friends, or from other wedding industry insiders.

2. DO try on your wedding dress, even more than once in the months and weeks prior to your wedding. Your body shape and size may be changing without you knowing it, and if you're trying on your wedding dress, you have the opportunity to get alterations done before the last minute. DO make sure you can comfortably sit in it, walk around, and lift your arms (which you'll need to do to throw your bouquet, and have a dance with your new husband!)

3. DO pay for your wedding dress with a credit card rather than cash, if it all possible. Wedding dress scams abound, and if anything goes wrong, you'll want documentation, and a way out!

4. DO keep your wedding dress wrapped and hung up - high, if possible - once you get it home. Try to resist the urge to try it on for every friend or relative, too - the more it's out of the bag, the greater chance it could get scuffed, torn or worn before your big day!


5. DON'T try to go to 'sexy' in the wedding dress design - you WILL have to move around, bend over and stretch throughout the day, and you don't want to give the room a show. Save the 'sexy' for the honeymoon wardrobe!

6. DON'T put lipstick on when you are trying on your dress, even on your wedding day, until AFTER the dress is on.

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