Wedding Decorations - For Everybody AND Every Budget

Five types of wedding decorations - something for every taste

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Wedding decorations are, of course, a major part of wedding planning - and wedding budgets. Wedding decorations may be needed not just for the wedding venue, but the reception, as well - and sometimes that means two different types of wedding decorations. There's a lot to think about!


The first thing you'll need to decide is whether or not your wedding decorations are going to go along with a theme you've chosen for your ceremony. It may be religious, seasonal, or personal, but if your wedding has a theme, that theme will determine what you need for wedding decorations.


Once you've settled on a theme, then you can decide on a particular style - this may be based on whether your wedding is formal or informal, indoors or out, or simply personal preferences or budget considerations. Or all of the above. : )

Here are five different types of wedding decorations - something for every taste, every personality and every budget.

1. Candles. Candles are hot, hot, hot, right now, and they are one of the most versatile design elements to incorporate into your wedding decorations -- not to mention the fact that they're also a symbol of romance!

Candles come in every imaginable shape, size, type and color - so it's possible to even build a whole theme around them. You might even decide to order personalized candles for your guests to take home as wedding favors!

2. Flowers - real or silk. As wedding decorations go, flowers are probably the most traditional - and that's because they're so adaptable to any kind of wedding, and available for any kind of budget.

3. Balloons. One of the latest trends in wedding decorations, balloons have become quite popular over the last decade. It's amazing what you can accomplish with them! From huge clear helium-filled balloons (think 'giant bubbles in the sky') to tiny 3" metallic air-filled hearts, there are thousands of balloon ideas for wedding decorations.

4. Fabric. Wedding decorations almost always incorporate some forms of fabric - tulle, silk or ribbons, for example - but you could actually plan your whole theme or style around fabric considerations. Indoor or outdoor, formal or informal, your wedding can shimmer and shine with just the right fabric-related wedding decorations!

5. Glass/lighting. Wedding decorations that use primarily lighting, particularly if it bounces off glass of any kind, can be wonderfully elegant, yet simple and inexpensive. You can play with clear 'Christmas' lights, for example, or lighted candles, or even spotlights to create some interesting and romantic effects.

Your wedding decorations could draw on any of these five elements - or any combinations of them - for a unique and wonderful wedding!

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