Create Your Own Wedding Centerpieces

Six tips for stunning wedding centerpieces - for every bride and every budget

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Wedding centerpieces are always an elegant addition to a wedding reception or party, whether it is formal or informal event, indoors or out. Although you could spend hundreds of dollars on wedding centerpieces, you can also create (or have a crafty friend or family member create for you) some simply stunning designs, easily and inexpensively.


Here are some basic tips to help you create amazing wedding centerpieces:

1. Vary the sizes - they don't all have to be identical, and it would be more unique if they weren't.

2. Make sure that whatever you create doesn't sit too 'tall' on the tables where people will be eating - you don't want your guests to be blocked from each others' view, or have to talk 'around' a centerpiece. Shorter is better.

3. If you use real flowers, make sure they don't have a really strong scent. Many people are allergic to strong scents these days - and even if they weren't, a strongly scented wedding centerpiece might distract from the enjoyment of the meal. Consider using silk flowers instead.

4. You can make small centerpieces look larger simply by placing them on a mirrored base. You can often find different shapes and sizes to rent or buy at your local party planning retailer.

5. Simple designs can be made more elegant by spreading a bit of confetti, shredded mylar or sparkles all around them.

6. If you can incorporate the wedding favors into the centerpiece design, you could save some time and effort, too. For example, a small but elegant plate stacked up with wedding cake pieces can be tied up with ribbon like a gift to make a lovely wedding centerpiece - or engraved candle favors can be used as weights for helium balloons.

With a small budget, a great imagination and a little creativity, you CAN create stunning - and practical! - wedding centerpieces that you'll be proud of - and they'll be a huge hit at your wedding!

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