Four Unique Kinds of Wedding Bands

What Wedding Bands Suit Your 'Couple' Personality?

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Wedding bands are perhaps the most intensely personal aspect of your wedding. It's not just the actual exchange of them during the ceremony (which is often accompanied by words that you've each chosen especially for that moment), but the fact that you hope to wear them for the rest of your lives!

Your wedding bands should reflect you as a couple, and embody your 'couple' personality, even if each of them is a bit different.


When it comes time to decide on your wedding bands, you'll need to choose between gold, white gold, platinum or silver, and you'll need to decide whether to include stones such as diamonds in them. But apart from those choices, there are four different types of wedding bands to choose from:

1. Antique or antique look wedding bands. You may have inherited wedding bands from someone in your family, or you just may like the 'look' of antique wedding bands. If you, as a couple, are interested in antiques, an antique-type wedding band might be perfect for you.

2. Personalized wedding bands. No matter what type of wedding band you decide on, you can have them personalized - with a favorite expression, a commitment statement, your 'pet names' for one another, the date of the ceremony -- or almost anything else you'd like to include! Express yourself as a couple by having something unique to you personally engraved -- either by hand or by machine -- on the inside of your wedding bands.

WEDDING MYTH: Wedding bands are the symbol of a couples' unending love. They are worn on the 'ring' finger because at one time it was believed to have an artery that lead straight to the heart.

3. Hand-woven wedding bands. Handwoven wedding bands might be chosen to symbolize the weaving of your lives together, or something more specific like Celtic or Native American heritage. There's no limit to the kinds of designs that a couple can have hand-woven - let your personality and your heritage decide!

4. The plain, traditional style of wedding band is still the most popular - and can be made unique by personalized engraving. And because there are so many other choices now, traditional wedding bands have actually become unique.

What could be more romantic as a couple than choosing the unique wedding bands that you'll wear forever?

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