A Wedding Accessories Checklist - For the REST of the Wedding

Wedding accessories for everyone - and everything - BUT the bride

Thursday, July 27, 2017

There are particular wedding accessories for the bride - and then there are wedding accessories for the rest of the wedding party, AND for the wedding itself. Since you no doubt have a list of 'things to do' and 'things to buy,' you might as well have a list for the wedding accessories, too!


1. Stationery - you'll need a wedding planner to put this list in (along with several other lists)! You'll also need your invitations, a guestbook and a pen set. Do you need place card holders or guest name tags for the reception? Finally, you'll need 'Thank you' cards to send out after you're done with all these lists. ;)

2. Included in your wedding accessories list should be gifts for your entire wedding party.

3. You'll also need wedding favors - giveaways or wedding souvenirs for all the guests - on your wedding accessories list. If you decide to personalize these in any way, a common tradition, you may need to order your wedding favors several weeks in advance.

4. Wedding accessories you'll need for the actual ceremony include a bouquet holder for the bride, a ring pillow and flower girl basket, candle holders and an aisle runner.


1. Do you plan to use a 'cake topper?'

2. You'll need cake servers - traditionally a silver knife and a 'spatula.'

3. Will you need 'doilies' to give away wrapped pieces of the wedding cake?


1. Are you using wedding bells, streamers, tulle or silk flowers to decorate?

2. You may need flutes, goblets or wine glasses for the toasts. (And do you need drink 'tags' for the wine glasses, as well?)

3. What about bubbles? And finally, don't forget the car decorations!


Are there any other wedding accessories you'll need for other members of the wedding party - jewelry, for example, or handkerchiefs?

Have lots of fun shopping for all of these wedding accessories!

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