Take Charge of Your Wedding Day - Without Being a 'Bride-zilla'

You CAN have the wedding day of your dreams - and NOT be a 'bride-zilla'

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Your wedding date has been set, and you're so excited, you can't think straight. There's so much to do, and so many wedding decisions to make, and so much to think about ... but wait! You DON'T want to be a 'bride-zilla' while you're planning your wedding, do you?


"So what on earth is a bridezilla?", you ask. A modern etiquette guru coined the term in reference to engaged women who go overboard with the notion that the wedding is THEIR day - becoming overly demanding of everyone, having outrageous expectations, and practically terrorizing any friends, family or wedding party members who have offered their help, with unreasonable demands.

If you think YOUR wedding plans might have a tendency to turn you into a bride-zilla, take a deep breath, and take some advice:

DID YOU KNOW that the wedding industry is worth over 25 billion dollars a year in the USA?

1. Cultivate an 'attitude of gratitude,' starting NOW. A grateful heart can't be demanding, the two just don't go together.

2. Don't talk about the wedding, the wedding, and nothing but the wedding from now until the wedding. Please! The rest of us are NOT getting married, and although we're all happy for you, we have lives - - and so do you, remember?

3. Remember basic etiquette. Don't TELL, ASK nicely for things that you want, or you'd like to have happen. And say THANK YOU when you get them. With a genuine smile - - and that attitude of gratitude.

4. Lighten up! Know that there has never been such a thing as a perfect wedding, and yours won't be, either. Mistakes will be made, things will be forgotten, accidents will happen.

By accepting this in advance, you can relax and have FUN planning your wedding - you'll be no less married to your loved one (and after all, isn't that what this is all about?) at the end of your imperfect wedding day, AND you'll have wedding stories to tell, and things to still laugh about on your 25th wedding anniversary!

Remember, engaged doesn't mean enraged, and married doesn't have to mean harried. You CAN have the wedding day of your dreams - and NOT be a 'bride-zilla.'

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