Should You Have an Outdoor Wedding?

Four tips to pulling off a perfect outdoor wedding

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Having an outdoor wedding is a great idea, if your wedding is in the summer season, or in a location that's warm all year round. An outdoor wedding allows you to be creative yet elegant, fun yet fancy - in short, everything you want your wedding to be!

Outdoor Weddings: Special Considerations

An outdoor wedding does have some special considerations, however. Here are five tips to pulling off the perfect outdoor wedding.

1. Have an alternative plan. I know it's hard to think about that when you're excited about planning your outdoor wedding, but we all know about those 'best laid plans...' You don't need to be caught off-guard on your wedding day, so think it through ahead of time. Whether you want your outdoor wedding to be at a local beach, public park, historic estate, or in someone's back yard, try to pick a location that has the option of indoor AND outdoor facilities... just in case.

2. Think about the comfort of your guests. Will there be shady areas for guests to get a break from the sun? Can wheelchairs access the area? Is there likely to be any kind of insect problem (like wasps or mosquitos, for example)? Is there enough parking for all of your guests?

It's a good idea to spend some time at the outdoor wedding site before the day of your wedding with a critical eye to your guests' comfort. Even if there are some potential problem areas, you may have time to work on the solutions so you can still have a wonderful outdoor wedding!

3. Since 'Mother Nature' is presumably providing most of the ambience for your outdoor wedding, you can plan to 'keep it simple' in the decorating department. Too much embellishment may be just 'too much.'

4. Make sure that any professionals or companies you hire are aware of the rules or regulations for the venue you've chosen, and that they are experienced in servicing an outdoor wedding. Caterers, bartenders and even florists need to be aware of any limitations (or opportunities!) that an outdoor wedding will provide.

If you plan your outdoor wedding carefully in advance, and have a contingency plan, you'll have a beautiful wedding day!

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