How to Make Your Wedding Planning a 'Piece of Cake!'

Wedding planning CAN be fun, easy and virtually stress free -- and you don't have to spend a fortune...

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Savvy Sarah's Guide to Making Your Wedding Planning a 'Piece of Cake...'

Many people believe that wedding planning has to be hard, expensive and filled with stress. That's because they mistakenly believe a lot of common wedding myths.

However, I'm here to help. My goal is to help you make your wedding planning fun, easy and virtually stress free -- so you can relax and enjoy the big day!

Let Me Introduce Myself ...

Hi! My name is Sarah Schwartz, but everyone calls me "Savvy Sarah" when it comes to wedding planning. I think that's because I'm resourceful and knowledgeable on nuptial know-hows.

You can also think of me as your 'Maze of Honor' – I'll offer you guidance through what most people think of as the jungle of wedding planning. ;-)

But mostly, it's my pleasure to bring you the REAL answers to questions about your wedding planning.

I was a wedding planner for almost a decade, but I 'retired' 4 months ago to take care of my first child. And so I thought I'd share my knowledge with you here at

Want to know why I became a wedding planner?

First of all, because I've been a bride. Twice. The first time I didn't have a clue, and I believed all kinds of wedding myths, and I wasted a LOT of time, money and energy as a result.

The second time I got a little smarter. No, make that a LOT smarter. I did my homework, and as a result, I had a DREAM wedding the second time around (and it's still a dream marriage, too, by the way)!

Then I became an wedding planner, and I can tell you that the horror stories I've heard about brides buying every wedding myth in the book would break your heart. Broke mine, so I started really specializing in helping brides have dream weddings as good as mine was (or perhaps even better!).

And you can have a dream wedding, too! This website will help you -- so brides-to-be don't end up with nightmare weddings because they believed a bunch of foolish 'facts,' and acted on them when they were planning their wedding.

Curious What Else You'll Find Here?

You'll find answer to the questions like what are the latest wedding dress styles? Should you have an outdoor wedding? What wedding bands suit your 'couple' personality? How can I make a bridal shower sizzle? What wedding accessories will I need?

And much, much more!

Please have a look around -- your wallet, your wedding party... and your wedding guests... will thank you!

Throughout the website, you'll also find Fun Facts, Did You Know? Factoids, and other interesting tips about wedding myths and wedding planning!

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