You Can Learn to Spot a Honeymoon Scam Instantly

Seven sure-fire ways to pick out a honeymoon scam - and NOT fall for it

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Honeymoon scams are, unfortunately, becoming more and more common - so if you are planning a honeymoon, especially if you're not an experienced traveler, there are some things you need to know.


Honeymoon scams prey on folks who are just really wishing for a great wedding experience, and a little holiday. If you're anything like most couples, you're already spending LOTS of money on your wedding - so chances are your honeymoon has to be on a budget, which makes you vulnerable to honeymoon scams that LOOK like great deals.

- Don't enter a 'honeymoon sweepstakes' at trade fairs or bridal shows unless you know and trust the company who is offering it. The 'sweepstakes' may be a sophisticated front for a lead generation system - a typical honeymoon scam.

- If you get a phone call (or email) offering you a FREE vacation, and claiming that 'all' you need to do is pay the taxes (or the 'referral' fee or the 'transfer' charges...) hang up the phone - there are no free vacations, just like there is no free lunch!

DID YOU KNOW... that one of the most-reported scams to the FTC is honeymoon scams? Often called 'travel packages,' but sometimes even labeled 'free,' these so-called vacations can cost two to three times more than a legitimate holiday to the same destination - or not happen at all.

- Another honeymoon scam comes in the form of an invitation to a 'no-obligation' sales pitch about time-shares or condo rentals in some beautiful, exotic location that you'd love to honeymoon in.

- If the offer you're checking out is 'time-limited' or urges you to 'act now before it's too late,' think twice. Although travel agencies sometimes offer specials or packages with a particular deadline, no legitimate honeymoon offer should include pressure to sign up or pay up unless you've had time to get all the information and to think about what you're getting.


Before you get hooked in any of these honeymoon scams, make sure you have all the company contact information (and check it out to make sure the company really exists!), contact your local Better Business Bureau, and 'sleep on it' before you open your heart - or your wallet - to these scheisters.

Better yet, enlist the services of a honeymoon specialist travel professional, and meet with him or her face-to-face, rather than making arrangements for this most special time in your life over the phone or online.

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